blenderNEURON is a tool to visualize and build 3D computational neuroscience models using Blender and NEURON simulator

Load any existing cell or network NEURON
model with 3D morphology

Import and inspect morphology
in Blender

Create morphology figures

Or activity animations

Edit cell model morphology

Position cell models within layers


Create synapses between cells based
on proximity

Add own contextual artifacts like
animals, brains, and electrodes


Share Interactive Versions of Your Model Online

Automate and Extend Open-Source Code

blenderNEURON is an open-source Python add-on for Blender. Automate large model creation using Python API and customize functionality by editing the add-on code

Automate large model creation
with Python API

Extend blenderNEURON with
your own Python-based add-ons