BlenderNEURON requires NEURON with Python. Ensure that one of these commands work on your machine:

  • In terminal: nrngui -python
  • In Python: from neuron import h

Installation Steps

  1. Extract the BlenderNEURON ZIP file into your model’s directory
  2. Start BlenderNEURON for NEURON
    • Load your model in NEURON
    • In NEURON Python run from blenderneuron import neuronstart
    • BlenderNEURON should be running within NEURON
  3. Start BlenderNEURON for Blender:
    • Install Blender 2.79: LinuxMac | Windows
    • Open Blender 2.79. Then File > User Preferences > Add-ons > Install Add-on From File
    • Point to the ZIP file
    • Check the box next to ‘Import-Export: BlenderNEURON’
    • Click Save User Settings
    • BlenderNEURON tab should be visible on the left side of Blender

Now Try the Getting Started Tutorial

Looking for earlier BlenderNEURON v0.1?

v0.1.X has been deprecated, but you can still download it below:

Download BlenderNEURON v0.1.6